Christian Personal Finance Part Six: Conclusion

A summary and resource list

Money is a gift from God

God has promised us that we have nothing to worry about, because He will care for all our daily needs. One of the means by which He provides is through our money which allows us to buy clothes, food, and homes.

Because everything we have (including our money) is a gift from God, we receive it with thankfulness, contenment, and humility.

Bible References: James 1:17; Philippians 4:19; Matthew 6:25-34

The first step to good stewardship is assessing where you are at

First we assessed where our hearts were at. We asked honest questions like, “Have I been thankful, humble, and content?” and “Do I have a generous heart?”

Next we assessed our financial goals and priorities. Some of us will prioritize owning our own home and others paying off debt. We came up with a list of the financial goals and priorities we have.

Finally, we assessed our current financial situation and spending. We took a deep look at where our money is coming from and going to.

Resources: YNAB, Mint, PocketGuard

Good stewardship involves planning

In order to make the most out of what we’ve received, we talked about the need to create a plan. The first step was a budget that reflected our priorities and goals. Next we talked about potentially meeting with a financial planner who could walk us through the often confusing and complex world of investing. Finally, we mentioned the budding industry of robo-advisors and online tools

Bible References: Matthew 25:14-30

Resources: Betterment, Personal Capital, Mint, Acorn, Listen Money Matters

As stewards we seek to grow the gifts we’ve been given

This discussion started with an important warning: We don’t seek to grow financial simply to pad our pockets or horde away God’s gifts. We don’t talk about growth from a position of fear, selfishness, or greed.

With all humility and generosity, we talked about three ways we could all potentially grow our incomes. We mentioned that there are very often opportunities from within our current jobs, we could find a side-hustle, or we could make our money work for us through investments.

Biblical References: Luke 12:13-21

Resources: Betterment, Acorns, Personal Capital

We give generously, because we’ve received so much and we want to reflect the generous heart of our God

When we are generous, we are witnessing to the generosity of our God. Money is just one of the ways that we can reflect God’s love to us in Christ to the world.

We also mentioned the Biblical idea of tithing. The command God gave to Old Testament Israel that they should give the first 10% of what they earned back to the Lord in order to provide for the spiritual enrichment of all people is something for us all to work towards. While it is not a command we must follow to earn God’s grace, since it was commanded by God we recognize the value in it and strive to work towards that level of giving.

Biblical References: 1 Corinthians 9:6-8; 1 Timothy 5:17-18; Numbers 18:21-28

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