What Does A Successful Christian Life Look Like?

Defining Success In the Christian Life

What does a successful Christian life look like? I’ve been thinking about that lately. I think I’ve decided it’s one I need to be asking. After all, I’m asking it of myself as a husband, pastor, and writer. I should be striving towards success in all I do and am.

I think the reason why I’ve been hesitant to explore it too much is that I’m afraid that if I seriously consider the implications of the answer I might find, I’ll have to live a life of less. Sometimes, the Christian life can feel like a life of less. And to be successful at it, to live it in it’s fullest, would really be a life of less.

I’m afraid that to be “successful” as a Christian disciple will mean less:

  • Money in my pocket
  • Notoriety for my achievements
  • Time for myself
  • Shiny stuff in my home
  • Fun
  • Laughs
  • Freedom

And the truth is, it is. Christ calls us, in many ways, to a life of less.

But, it’s also a life of so much more.

A Life of More

To be a Christian is actually a life of more than you could ever imagine. I need to keep that in mind. For everything you might lose as you follow Jesus, your return is greater.

To be a Christian is to live a life of more:

  • Family. You now have one that stretches across the world and throughout history
  • Peace
  • Joy (and one that lasts at that)
  • Hope for the future
  • Depth in relationships
  • Kindness towards your neighbor
  • Trust in God’s goodness
  • Security for tomorrow
  • Freedom. True freedom
  • Forgiveness than you deserve
  • Life than you ever thought possible
  • Love than you’ve ever experienced

Less of Me, More of God

A successful Christian life is a life less of/for/about me. But, it’s also a life more of/for/about Jesus. And what you find in Jesus is so much more than you will ever find in yourself.

The beautiful thing about it is that success as a Christian doesn’t come to me like success does in my career, as a writer, or even as a husband in many ways. In every other realm of life I am constantly working to be sucessful, constantly trying to convince myself and others that I am, in fact, a success.

But, success from Christ is a pure, 100% gift. I have it. I am it. Right now. Today, I have a life of more. Today, because of Jesus, I am a success.

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