A Letter To Myself: Be Content

On Christian Contentment

Dear Peter,

You think you have a lot of reasons to not be happy. I know you think you have reasons to complain. You believe that your discontent is justified.

After all, your work can be hard – even draining. And sometimes you don’t get thanked or even noticed.

Your house isn’t your dream home tucked away in the woods (or was it your dream to own the downtown high-rise condo?)

Your weekends can best be described as ordinary. Even boring. You’re not out doing what everyone else seems to be doing. You’re not climbing mountains, going to parties, or starting your own business in your free hours.

Your group of friends is smaller than you’d like.

You’re not making as much money as so many others seem to be.

Your impact does not feel equal to your output. You do so much, and yet very few lives seem to be changed.

Your blog is small and no one cares.

You will never be the person you want to be. The habits you want to quit, you won’t. The things you want to start will remain a dream. The achievements you strive for will always be just beyond your grasp.

Your prayers often feel unanswered. God seems to have gone silent. Your study of His Word is shallow. Your insights are few and far between. Your contributions to the Church are laughable. Your ability to evangelize and win souls for Jesus is almost non-existent.

I get it. You think you have every reason to complain. But, God has given you more than enough to be content.

Here’s what you need to remember:

You are frustrated with yourself – your accomplishments and achievements. You haven’t reached as high as you’ve liked. But, that’s why God sent Jesus. So that you would find “the good life” in His accomplishments. In His achievements. Your life is judged by what He’s done.

You’re not happy with who you are, but who you are is a child of God.

Your life, which I know can feel empty, can’t compare to the fullness that is yours in Jesus. You are full of His grace, His love, His forgiveness, and His acceptance.

You look around and see a life that is lacking in the things you want. But, Jesus has given you everything you need. He has made you right with Him. He has forgiven you all your sin. He has given you an eternal home and an identity that will not change.

Stop focusing on what you don’t have. So, remember what you do: a wonderful wife who loves you, a home to keep you warm, and food on the table that keeps you healthy. Those things come and go. You can even be content without them. But, you have them. And they are from God. So give thanks.

One of your biggest problems is that you are too focused on you. You will only find contentment when your eyes are fixed on Jesus and on His people which He’s placed in your life. Stop looking in the mirror and start looking out the window to see those who are around you. Start looking to the cross.

You can seek to be content and search after it your whole life, and you will never find it…until you seek after the contentment of others. Then you will always have it.

So, give thanks. Write out what God has given you. Direct your thanks both to God and other people. Let them know that you are thankful.

And then love others. Even as much as you love yourself.

And then, never forget your Savior and all He’s done. Because He is really all you need.



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