What is grace?

A short list of what grace is…and is not

What grace is not

  • Grace is not a reward for good behavior
  • Grace is not a forced, begrudged, “I forgive you” or even worse, “It’s ok – no problem”
  • Grace is not time off for good behavior
  • Grace is not a carrot dangled at the end of a stick
  • Grace never says, “Do this” or “Just a little bit more” or “Wait til you’re older”
  • Grace demands nothing, requires nothing, and costs nothing
  • Grace doesn’t wag a finger or fold it’s arms with glaring eyes
  • Grace never berates, never puts down, and never heaps up guilt
  • Grace doesn’t wait for you to “get it together”
  • Grace doesn’t wait for you to change or to become a better version of yourself
  • Grace doesn’t come from inside you (so stop looking)
  • Grace isn’t a puzzle to put together or a mystery to solve
  • Grace is not for those who look the part, who have all the lines memorized (or know all the big words), and who have checked all the boxes
  • Grace isn’t an excuse to keep on doing what you want

What grace is

  • Grace is a pair of outstretched arms waiting to welcome you in
  • Grace is the rest that awaits wearied travelers
  • Grace is a feast for the hungry
  • Grace is a drink from the hose in the hot summer sun
  • Grace is a home for the homeless and a mansion for the poor
  • Grace is an invitation to come and see something you’ve never seen before
  • Grace is when the sentences of convicted, guilty criminals are reversed and freedom is proclaimed
  • Grace is friendship with those who have betrayed you
  • Grace is acceptance for the rejected and security for the uncertain
  • Grace is healing for the sick
  • Grace is a warm bath drawn for those who are covered in mud
  • Grace is love for those who hate
  • Grace is life for those who die
  • Grace is a gift, it’s true love poured out
  • Grace is the burden that was too heavy for you to carry being lifted off your shoulders
  • Grace is when the bills you’ve racked (the ones that are way more than you could afford) are paid
  • Grace is defined by a cross, it jumps out of a tomb, and it’s coming again on the clouds, with trumpet sounds, and in all glory

Grace is Jesus – the one who lived the life you never could, who died so that you could live, and who rose so that one day you would too.

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